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Generation Z???

By Candy Whirley on July 30, 2014

This is an article I wrote recently for an HR magazine in Nebraska….very interesting on generational differences… you better buckle up and get ready for the Zs! 

Interviewer: Generally, what are some of the characteristics and qualities unique to Generation Z? Or those qualities/characteristics that aren’t quite as present with employees/talent from other generations (again, I realize these are generalities!)?

Candy: Generation Z have seen so much in their 17 years and younger age, therefore their characters have built a little different. They have witnessed 911, school shootings, the recession; they have seen their parents lose their jobs and their siblings graduate from college and unable to find jobs so they move back home. According to Emily Anatole, a trends writer at The Intelligence Group from, “Despite the frightening times they’ve faced, only 6% of Zs are fearful about the future.” This group is very cautious, skeptical yet resilient. They want to know that something or someone is reliable before they buy or take action. 

Interviewer: How can some of the aforementioned qualities and characteristics be harnessed in the workplace for the benefit of our employer-readers?

Candy: The Generation Z new employers have to sell safety, security and trust. Again this generation is very skeptical and cautious. 

Interviewer: Along those lines, what can our readers do as it relates to taking this youngest, up-and-coming generation into account as a means of:
a) making for a more harmonious workplace across generations. 

Candy: I believe the company needs educate all generations in the workplace from the Baby Boomers to Z. Understanding the differences and the influences from each generation will enhance better cooperation and collaboration between all the generations.

b.) to get the most out of these younger employees’ unique approaches/perspectives/attributes?

Candy: To get the most out of this generation you have to SHOW them (meaning have a work culture of mixed generations) who trust one another and who are open to this next generation. They want to be part of decisions, development and idea generation. They are the most technical savvy generation yet, it would benefit company leadership to accept and understand this generation because they will strive to make a difference in the company because they strive to make the world better place.

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