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Are you keeping BAD team members?

By Candy Whirley on July 22, 2014

Hey managers, supervisors, directors, team leads…LEADERS! Why are you keeping people in your organization who are KEEPING your good people down or better yet, running your good people off?
Why ARE you keeping team members?

Attitude-What is the team member’s attitude?
Results-What impact does this attitude have on the results of the organization/team?
Environment-What is this team member doing to your organizational environment?

I work with organizations across the country, whether I present a keynote, breakout or leadership retreat, I always hear at least one story about that ONE person that is not being held accountable for their actions or lack of action and that ONE person is stifling attitudes, productivity and general morale. Why do we keep them?
• They are getting ready to retire?
• They are a good friend?
• They have been here for so long?
• They are the boss’s friend/relative?

Have I hit a nerve? What are your thoughts? I work with lots of people and I do lots of research but I would love to have your input, opinion, and your thoughts on the subject. I can’t believe we are still keeping these morale crushers and getting rid of the good ones. Or the good ones are taking the opportunity to escape……your thoughts?


Just makes me go Hmmmmmmmm?



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