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The Human Kaleidoscope…A Lesson On Perspective…A Guide To Understanding

Posted by Candy Whirley on November 26, 2014

When we peer through a kaleidoscope, we see a single unique view, an arrangement of crystals and colors likely never to be repeated or seen again…another person picks up the same kaleidoscope and they will see something completely different, even though it is the same container with the same crystals, they view it from a different perspective.
As we change the position of the kaleidoscope, what we view changes, we are offered a new perspective of those same crystals and colors. We might find that some of those views or perspectives are more appealing to us than others, and as we continue to alter our view, we begin to learn that there are an infinite number of perspectives in which these crystals and colors can be viewed, no particular view better than another, just different, appealing in its own way.
Looking at the world around us or any particular situation, is much like peering through a kaleidoscope…each one of us will see and experience something slightly or even greatly different. Our view, our perspective is different from others because it is filtered through the kaleidoscope of our minds. Our minds are wired and developed throughout our lives as we experience the world and people and things around us. Every mind is unique and experiences and perceives everything, every situation in a unique way. One person may experience a mountain top as majestic, peaceful, and uplifting, and another may experience extreme fear and become paralyzed…same mountain top, same surroundings, different experience and perspective, neither right nor wrong, just different.
We shouldn’t feel or be bullied to feel inferior or inadequate because our perspective is different than that of others. At the same time, we need to be open to the perspective of others and seek to understand different perspectives so that we can learn and grow and expand our minds…this is turning the kaleidoscope and gaining a new perspective of those same crystals and colors.
There is no shame in where we are at any particular point in time…we are all children to experience and understanding…we will never know it all. Children should not be shamed for their lack of experience and understanding, they should be encouraged to explore and discover, to grow and become wiser.
One thing is for certain, we are all different, we see and feel and perceive differently, but we are not limited to one perspective or one view, we have been blessed with the gift of the kaleidoscope so that we are able to see and understand many views by simply changing our perspective.

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